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Sustainability Report

A Message from Our Board


Dear Stakeholders,


Climate change is a much talked about topic and every other day the newspapers bombard us with news of freakish weather patterns causing extensive economic and insured losses, as well as loss of precious lives and untold hardships due to weather-related phenomenon. Reinsurance, which is Singapore Reinsurance Corporation Limited (‘SingRe’)’s core focus, by its nature is the business of providing protection against damages due to both natural and man-made events. Therefore, we are concerned about changing climatic patterns and its repercussions on mankind and the core business.


SingRe operates in a highly challenging business environment making its commitment to achieve long-term sustainability even more necessary. We work hard towards meeting the long-term goal of a sustainable organisation and believe that SingRe in its own small way contribute as an enabler toward a more sustainable society locally and globally.


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