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Shareholders' Information

Profile of Shareholders


20 Largest Shareholders
As at 20 February 2018


 1.  DBS Nominees Pte Ltd  32.35
 2.  United Overseas Insurance Limited    6.01
 3.  India International Insurance Pte Ltd    5.02
 4.  The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd    4.70
 5.  Great Eastern General Insurance Limited    3.59
 6.  Morgan Stanley Asia (Singapore) Securities Pte Ltd    2.81
 7.  Citibank Nominees Singapore Pte Ltd    1.84
 8.  Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd    1.79
 9.  Singapore Warehouse Co Pte Ltd    1.64
 10.  DBS Vickers Securities (S) Pte Ltd    1.43
 11.  Chong Chew Lim @ Chong Ah Kau    1.36
 12.  United Overseas Bank Nominees Pte Ltd    0.90
 13.  OCBC Nominees Singapore Pte Ltd    0.73
 14.  Lai Weng Kay    0.65
 15.  Ng Siew Cheng    0.58
 16.  Ng Poh Cheng    0.56
 17.  Ng Siew Ling    0.56
 18.  Tan Kay Khai    0.52
 19.  Ng Eng Chuan    0.50
 20.  Raffles Nominees (Pte) Ltd    0.47
 TOTAL  68.01



Substantial Shareholders
As at 20 February 2018


Name as shown in the Register of Substantial Shareholders  Deemed Interest (%)
1. Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited 1 27.76
2. Newline Holdings UK Limited2   8.70
3. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited3   8.42
4. Great Eastern Holdings Limited 3   8.42
5. United Overseas Bank Limited4   6.01
6. Dalton Investments LLC 5   5.01
7. James B. Rosenwald III 6   5.01
8. Steven Persky 6   5.01
9. Gifford Combs 6   5.01
10. Belita Ong 6   5.01
11. Arthur Hebert 6   5.01
12. Michelle Lynd 6   5.01
  Direct Interest (%)
13. Fairfax Asia Limited 19.06
14. Newline Corporate Name Limited   8.70
15. United Overseas Insurance Limited   6.01
16. India International Insurance Pte Ltd   5.02


1Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is deemed to have an interest in shares held by Fairfax Asia Limited, Newline Corporate Name Limited and Newline Holdings UK Limited.


2 Newline Holdings UK Limited is deemed to have an interest in shares held by Newline Corporate Name Limited.


3 Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited and Great Eastern Holdings Limited are deemed to have an interest in shares held by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited and The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited.


4 United Overseas Bank Limited is deemed to have an interest in shares held by United Overseas Insurance Limited.


5 Dalton Investments LLC and its affiliated entities (together Dalton) is an investment manager based in California, United States of America. Dalton manages various client portfolios and as investment manager, Dalton has discretion and authority over the sale and purchase of the abovementioned shares. Therefore, Dalton has deemed interest in such shares.


6 James B. Rosenwald III, Steven Persky, Gifford Combs, Belita Ong, Arthur Hebert and Michelle Lynd are members of the management committee of Dalton, and Dalton acts in accordance with the directions and instructions of the abovementioned persons. Accordingly, each of them will be deemed to be interested in the shares which Dalton is deemed interested in.